Live Life with Happiness

Everyday, people stress out and forget to be happy. Life is about being happy! I want everyone who is reading this to stop stressing out about whatever is on their mind and SMILE. Simply smile and do something you love. At least for a few moments. I hope in doing so you will feel more at ease and relaxed. You may start stressing out again, but know that you spent a few precious seconds being happy and it was all worth it. As it says in the quote below, I want people like you to live in the moment and enjoy it 🙂 Time is short so take advantage of it and do what you love ❤



An Easy way to Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy, in their own way. A super simple and easy way to be happy is to be thankful!

What is being thankful, you ask? Being thankful is giving words or actions of appreciation and thanks to people, places, and more.

To be happy today, make a thankful board. Maybe this will be a new sticky note on your computer, a file full of nice thanks, a physical board on your wall filled with post-its, or anything you’d like! I personally use a trello board and I would like YOU to add to it! Just comment below and I can add you to the board! I also have a poster on my wall where I stick stuff up! Much excite.

Next, you can also give thanks to your friends directly. This benefits both you and your friend! A simple thanks will suffice. You can also add more on what you’re thankful for and make their day! This also works for neighbors, strangers, and bosses*.

Whenever I feel down, I write a few thank you’s down, and suddenly I feel this new joy inside of me. I can’t stop writing! I want to thank my computer, my chair, my window, and everything. This might sound weird, but you have to give it a try yourself.

See you on the trello board, and I can’t wait for the new joy in you 😀


Those Pesky Problems.

Life is like Weather: Unpredictable and always changing. There are ups and downs but if you look on the bright side and keep smiling even in times of sadness, life will smile back at you and you’ll see that your problems weren’t so bad.

Sometimes, I feel stressed when I encounter a problem in life but I say to myself: “Everything will be alright. Everything happens for a good reason.” And I face my problem with confidence. I even feel like all’s lost and I’m not going to make it. But somehow I do. And after my problem’s gone, I look back on it and find that it wasn’t such a bad thing. I was just making too big of a “problem” out of it. See what I did there? 😉 All in all, problems may be bad but they don’t have to be. Many times I have learned from my mistakes and problems. They have made me stronger. You can choose to either ignore them or face them and overcome them. 🙂 I wish you the best of luck! 😀

You can do it!


I’m thankful

I’m thankful for my family, my friends, and the people around me, as well as food and water. I’m thankful for the colors in the world and the smells of the air. And much much more.

Today, I saw the sweetest video ever, and it inspired me tons. Although their relationship was absolutely amazing, what stood out to me the most was their gratitude wall. (watch the video to find out what I’m talking about) So, I decided to make my own. :). As I was writing down my thanks, I realized that the people around me were so kind and had impacted me so much! Just writing down what I was grateful for filled me up with so much happiness. So much, that I decided to share my joy to the rest of the world.

That’s right. You’re reading my joy words :).

I challenge you right now to stop what you’re doing, find some paper or open a text document, and start writing down what you’re thankful for. This simple act will fill you up with so much joy and happiness, and you’ll want to make a post about it too. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself.

And if you think that’s too easy, send your thanks to a friend, an acquaintance, or whoever is near you.

Smile, and be thankful. Your life will change immediately.

-a thankful Violet

Keep Moving Forward

Live in the moment. Looking back at the past will only drag you down. What’s happened has happened. You can’t change the past. But, the future is in your hands. Take hold of the present and live life to the fullest. Because before you know it, it’ll be too late. Live as if you were to die tomorrow and be glad you did. So enjoy life, laugh, and smile.

One day I baked brownies, but they turned out rock hard. I was really depressed after that since I was looking so forward to eating the chewy, chocolatey goodness. However, I just shrugged it off and realized that I could try again and make them perfect. That incident could have lowered my spirits for the whole day and not allowed me to be happy. But I realized that mistakes happen, and mistakes make the memories more memorable. Plus, a small mistake didn’t have to ruin the whole day for me. I could try at another time and be glad that I didn’t use up all my precious time feeling sad about the inedible brownies.

~May 🙂


Hey there!

Welcome to Braid Your Life! Here, we post tips on life in general, funny tidbits about ours, and just anything of that sort. We’re here to help you, and give you a laugh or too at the same time.

In case you’re wondering why there’s all these “we’re’s and our’s”, it’s because this is a shared collaborated blog! It was created to help you, and make you smile. My friend and I wanted to make an impact and have fun too. Check the About Us for more!

Thanks, and stay tuned. 🙂

-Violet and May