An Easy way to Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy, in their own way. A super simple and easy way to be happy is to be thankful!

What is being thankful, you ask? Being thankful is giving words or actions of appreciation and thanks to people, places, and more.

To be happy today, make a thankful board. Maybe this will be a new sticky note on your computer, a file full of nice thanks, a physical board on your wall filled with post-its, or anything you’d like! I personally use a trello board and I would like YOU to add to it! Just comment below and I can add you to the board! I also have a poster on my wall where I stick stuff up! Much excite.

Next, you can also give thanks to your friends directly. This benefits both you and your friend! A simple thanks will suffice. You can also add more on what you’re thankful for and make their day! This also works for neighbors, strangers, and bosses*.

Whenever I feel down, I write a few thank you’s down, and suddenly I feel this new joy inside of me. I can’t stop writing! I want to thank my computer, my chair, my window, and everything. This might sound weird, but you have to give it a try yourself.

See you on the trello board, and I can’t wait for the new joy in you 😀



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